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This website has been created to give you fun facts and plenty of information about different insects and other little critters including pests. For an all round pest control expert, check out All Pest Solutions. Insects and critters pass through three stages during their growth. The three stages are larva, pupa, and the adult (imago). In some cases the larva is very similar to the adult with a small change being the lack of wings. Different types of larva may include a grub, maggot or a caterpillar that are all very different to the adult.

A pupa is very different from both the larva and the adult in that they are inactive and take on no food. Insects are a class of creatures within the arthropods who have a very tough exoskeleton. Anthropods have three body parts consisting of a head, thorax and abdomen. They also have three pairs of jointed legs, one pair of antenna and compound eyes.


Facts about Insects


Insects are among the largest and most diverse groups of animals on our planet and consists of more than 1 million described species and make up more than half of all the known living organisms on the planet. Of the existing species it is believed that between six and 10 million exist that make up a potential of 90% of individual life on Earth.

All different types of insects may be found in almost all environments all around the world, a small number of insects live in the ocean while the oceans are dominated by different anthropoid group called crustaceans. Many insects and bugs are harmful to residential and commercial properties leaving people with much need for pest control services or for larger animals. The sooner the problem is solved gives you a higher chance that minimal damage will be caused by the harmful insects such as termites.

Fun facts and plenty of information about different insects and other little critters! Information about insects and critters that are pest and pets! Insects consist of any animals of the class Insecta. This comprises of small, air-breathing arthropods having a body divided into three parts, and having three pairs of legs and often two pairs of wings. Critters includes information about many other interesting bugs.

Bugs (Hemiptera), are a large order of insects having sucking or piercing mouthparts specialized as a beak. There are many different critters that live all around the world, some good and some bad while others are more of a nuisance. This site will give you many facts and lots of information about many different critters. It will also help you get rid of pesky critters and how to prevent someone from bothering you.

Insects & Critters

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